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Posts tagged with ‘Campaign Finance Reform’

  • The Lessons of Town of Greece v. Galloway for Campaign Finance Laws

    By David Schultz on May 8, 2014
    The Supreme Court’s recent Town of Greece v. Galloway ruling upholding invocation of a prayer before the start of a local town board meeting is not a decision that one would think would be of significance to election law, but it is.  Specifically, the Court’s discussion about coercion and religious beliefs has potential importance to those arguing against campaign finance […]
  • Metaphysical Not Empirical: The Problems with McCutcheon

    By David Schultz on April 3, 2014
    The Supreme Court decision McCutcheon v F.E.C. striking down aggregate contribution limits is flawed for many reasons.  Critics will complain that the Court adopted a crabbed and narrow definition of corruption, or that it seemed inured to the role of money in politics, or that it is one more extension in giving more rights to the wealthy and in sanctifying […]
  • Citizens United for Real Civic Engagement

    By Joelle Gamble on January 24, 2014
    On the 4th anniversary of Citizens United v. FEC, consider the ways that citizens can engage beyond campaign donations and the ballot box. Today marks the 4th anniversary of the Supreme Court decision Citizens United versus the Federal Election Commission. The significance of this case is difficult to overstate as it gave limitless ability to mega-interest groups and corporations to […]