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Posts tagged with ‘New York Times’

  • Glad President Cannot Control News

    By Jeffrey M. McCall on February 17, 2014
    The president of the United States is often characterized as the most powerful person in the world. In spite of the enormous power held by the leader of the free world, however, there remains one thing the president can’t do — control the news agenda. The constitutional framers created a free press to make sure the government powers-that-be couldn’t orchestrate […]
  • Ezra Klein Goes Independent

    By Ed Brayton on January 29, 2014
    In a very interesting development both for the mainstream media and for the world of blogging and independent journalism, Ezra Klein is leaving the Washington Post to create his own online news organization that apparently will focus on “explanatory journalism” — that is, explaining policy details rather than focusing on partisan disagreements. The Washington Post announced Tuesday that Ezra Klein, […]
  • GMO’s are not “Frankenfood”

    By Sheila Suess Kennedy on January 13, 2014
    Last Sunday’s New York Times ran an extensive article about the highly emotional grass-roots effort to eliminate or label GMOs--genetically-modified organisms–and the political risks to those who resist that emotionalism in favor of reliance on the science. This is an issue that drives my cousin, a cardiologist and scientist, up the wall. At his own blog, he has written extensively […]