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The core mission of our conferences is to provide opportunities for individuals from the business and nonprofit sectors, government, and the media, to come together so that we can examine the ways in which gaps in civic literacy impact local and national conversations or decisions.

The Center for Civic Literacy (CCL) has hosted two previous conferences which invites scholars, practitioners, concerned citizens, and others in Indianapolis, Indiana to consider what many call America’s “civic deficit”– the widespread lack of basic knowledge about America’s constitutional and economic systems.photo-4

The many questions attendees addressed included: to what extent does information moderate ideology? How do we inculcate what used to be (quaintly) called civic virtue? If–as one participant observed–American citizens have largely been transformed into consumers, where does that leave old-fashioned notions of civic duty? What basic information does a citizen of 21st Century America need in order to understand and navigate his environment? Should teaching students how to evaluate the mountains of information and misinformation supplied by the Internet be considered a civic skill?

View our previous conferences:

2014- “Connect the Dots: Assessing the Impact of Civic Literacy Gaps on Democracy, the Economy, and Society While Charting a Path Forward.”

2013-“What We Know, What We Don’t Know, and Why It Matters.”