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David Stocum

david_stocum3David L. Stocum received his Ph.D. in 1968 from the University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia. He spent 21 years as professor of cell and structural biology at the University of Illinois. He joined the IUPUI School of Science in 1989 when he accepted an appointment as dean. At the end of July 2004, Dr. Stocum stepped down from his administrative post and has resumed teaching and research duties in the Department of Biology and with the Center for Regenerative Biology and Medicine, which he founded in 2001.

Dr Stocum’s research and teaching areas include cell and developmental biology and regenerative biology and medicine, with specific interest in the mechanisms of regeneration, cell transplantation, bioartificial tissues and stimulation of regeneration in vivo. He joined the Core Faculty of the Center for Civic Literacy in 2013 with a keen interest in the role of science knowledge in the public square.

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