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Science in Policymaking

By Admin on July 14, 2014 in Civic Blog

What is the role of science policy making? What scientific misconceptions contribute to bad public policy? Why are facts not always persuasive?

Richard Dawkins Foundation’s Executive Director, Robyn Blumner, moderates this panel discussion with Angela Ledford Anderson, director of the UCS Climate and Energy Program, Erin Heath, Associate Director of the AAAS Office of Government Relations, and Mercedes Gore from the New York Academy of Sciences for the 2014 Secular Coalition for America (SCA) Lobby Day, in Washington DC.

The Center for Civic Literacy is a multi-disciplinary research center established, with support from an IUPUI Signature Center grant, to examine the causes of Americans’ low levels of civic knowledge, and to investigate the consequences of this troubling phenomenon.


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