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How each state teaches Civics

By Admin on August 15, 2014 in Civic Blog

If you haven’t seen the new report out from CIRCLE breaking down each state on how it approaches Civics, you should. The latest changes in Civics Standards around the country are also broken down in the latest round research.

American Democracy Project is also excited as it previewed the findings:

Recently, CIRCLE conducted case studies of new or revised civic education reforms in three states:

– In Florida, the Justice Sandra Day O’Connor Civics Education Act mandates a high-stakes standardized test in civics.
– In Hawaii, a required “Participation in Democracy” course places a strong emphasis on experiential education. The requirement was passed in 2006 and an effort to repeal it was defeated.
– In Tennessee, recent legislation mandates project-based civics assessments at the middle and high school levels.

View the interactive map for each state’s Civic standards.

Read the complete report or review the fact sheet.






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