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Posts tagged with ‘Declaration of Independence’

  • The Government Don’t Do Nothin’ for Me

    By Donald Knebel on July 22, 2014
    Last week, I attended the reunion of my graduating class from a rural high school in northwest Indiana. Nearly half the 30 members of the class of 1964 attended, many having lived most of the intervening years within a few miles of the long abandoned school. I spent much of the afternoon talking to my classmates about what they have […]
  • Duck Calls and Pilgrims: Religious Freedom in America

    By Donald E. Knebel on December 26, 2013
    A&E’s suspension of “Duck Dynasty’s” Phil Robertson for an interview in which he seemingly equated “homosexuals” with “terrorists” and “homosexual behavior” with “bestiality” based on his interpretation of the Bible has caused an outcry from conservative commentators and politicians, including Ted Cruz and Sarah Palin, who characterize the suspension as an attack on “religious liberty” and “free speech.”  It plainly […]
  • Constitutional Rights and Wrongs – Part I

    By Donald E. Knebel on October 29, 2013
                People often support their political claims by referring to the United States Constitution. Some of the claims suggest their makers either have not read the Constitution or have not read it very carefully.  You can test your own knowledge of what the Constitution actually says by taking this True/False test.  The questions become harder toward the end, where you […]