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Aaron Dusso

Dusso headshotAaron Dusso joined the Department of Political Science at IUPUI in 2009. He received his Ph.D. in Political Science from the George Washington University in 2010. He teaches Introduction to American Politics, U.S. Congress, Parties and Interest Groups, and Research Methods. His major sub-field is American Politics and his research interests include political psychology, parties and elections, interest groups, and mass political behavior. He is currently exploring the measurement and implications of incorrect voting, defined as when individuals choose a different candidate in reality than they would if they had complete information.  His recently published article in Political Research Quarterly, “Legislation, Political Context, and Interest Group Behavior,” demonstrates how congressional behavior can both stimulate and suppress interest group lobbying activity. Additionally, his co-authored article in Political Behavior, “Keeping Up with the Joneses: The Interplay of Personal and Collective Evaluations in Voter Turnout” (with Mitchell Killian and Ryan Schoen), demonstrates the conditional effect of economic evaluations on voter turnout.

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